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The Synonym of - axillary (noun)

Word Example of - axillary

    Example Sentences for axillary

    Flowers rose-lilac color, in axillary panicles with long pedicels.

    The axillary branches in like manner showed traces of cleavage.

    In an axillary flower, on the side nearest to the axis of inflorescence.

    Its stem is also more freely branched, and its flowers are axillary and terminal.

    Since a bud is an undeveloped branch, terminal buds carry, on the axis which they crown, axillary buds give rise to side-shoots.

    Flowers perfect, axillary, solitary, 3-androus; calyx herbaceous.

    The larger and more anterior of these scales is the axillary; it is present in box turtles of all ages.

    The flowers that appear in axillary clusters on the sterile trees are small, yellowish green and inconspicuous.

    Solanace—Herbs with alternate leaves and axillary clusters of regular flowers.

    The flowers are usually solitary and axillary, and the peduncle has two small bracts about half way up.

Word Origin & History of - axillary

    Word Origin & History

    axillary "pertaining to the armpit or shoulder," 1610s, from L. *axillaris, from axilla "armpit, upper arm, wing" (see axle).