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The Synonym of - axing (verb)

Word Example of - axing

    Example Sentences for axing

    "She'd be axing the ladies to go home wid her and cook it for her after giving it her," said another.

    No, then, indeed I didn't, darling; and glad enough he was to be axing me.

    Like —— and blazes, your honour, axing your pardon, and the deck's.

    There's a jintleman in the drawing-room as is axing afther masther.

    Had my eye pick'd out by a pavior, who was axing his way, he didn't care where.

    You was axing, Tom, ef there was more business with thim Injun critters.

    Give a man yer shirt, and ye must cut yer lucky or he'll be after axing ye for yer skin.

    Well, when this lad's gone aboard, and is away, I'll be axing for more of his gold.

    My mammy and old lady Lucy start to crying and axing him not to whip dem.

    What's the good of axing when ye knows that I knows nothing?

Word Origin & History of - axing

    Word Origin & History of axing

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