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Word Example of - axiomatic

    Example Sentences for axiomatic

    It was always accepted by us as axiomatic until we took the Philippines.

    It was axiomatic that there had to be some sort of vertical structure to society, naturally.

    A boy smiles at the waste of time in telling him such an axiomatic or self-evident fact.

    We must not assume any of the rights of property as axiomatic.

    That principle is axiomatic in its truth: the heart will ever follow the head.

    This is too axiomatic to enlarge upon, but the illustration is strong.

    The former quotation gives, it may be incidentally mentioned, a good example of Herr Duehring's axiomatic grandiloquence.

    It was axiomatic with him also that it is not tossed at once.

    Antithetic and axiomatic sentences abound in his pages, embodying literally the wisdom of the many in the wit of one.

    We call this the law of causation, and say that it is axiomatic.

Word Origin & History of - axiomatic

    Word Origin & History

    axiomatic 1797, from Gk. axiomatikos, from axioma (gen. axiomatos); see axiom.