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Word Example of - axioms

    Example Sentences for axioms

    The matter of which geometry treats is first defined by the axioms.

    Chimes of bells to call the people to paper-philosophy and axioms!

    Heavens, with what pained looks, with what platitudes and proverbs, with what reproofs and axioms and sentiments!

    Quite unconsciously, John assimilated the Caterpillar's axioms.

    Cassandra made a mental note to think over its axioms at her leisure.

    They imply certain propositions which might be regarded as axioms.

    These axioms of political economy were discoveries in his day.

    These are the axioms which properly relate only to quantities (quanta) as such.

    A vastly greater number of axioms, which Euclid unconsciously employs, are required for the proof of his propositions.

    I tried to run through my axioms, and I was suddenly terrified.

Word Origin & History of - axioms

    Word Origin & History

    axiom late 15c., from M.Fr. axiome, from L. axioma, from Gk. axioma "authority," lit. "that which is thought worthy or fit," from axioun "to think worthy," from axios "worthy, worth, of like value, weighing as much," from PIE adj. *ag-ty-o- "weighty," from base *ag- "to drive, draw, move" (cf. Gk. agein "weigh, pull").