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Word Example of - axle

    Example Sentences for axle

    For rabbits he uses Frazer's axle grease, and kills borers with knife.

    How tremulous-dazzlingly the wheels sweep190 Around their axle!

    The gearing is attached to the axle and countershaft which extend across the engine.

    They were buried to the axle; in front of them the mud bulked in solid, shiny blackness.

    For rabbits I rub the trees with axle grease, or tar and fish oil, or old lard, mixed; apply with a cloth.

    Upon the axle of the winding pulley there is a break pulley, p.

    This trolley carries the axle to an elevator, which lifts it to a conveyor baking oven, located in a section of the roof.

    He looked more closely, and the axle of his cart had disappeared.

    The chain was adopted as the means of moving the axle, on account of its simplicity and facility of repair by unskilled labor.

    And then he realized that the pear-tree which the bonze had chopped down must have been his axle.

Word Origin & History of - axle

    Word Origin & History

    axle M.E. axel-, from some combination of O.E. eax and O.N. öxull "axis," both from P.Gmc. *akhsulaz, from PIE *aks- "axis" (see axis). Found only in compound axle-tree before 14c.

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