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Word Example of - ayahs

    Example Sentences for ayahs

    I am going to the bazar,” she said to her ayahs, β€œto sell this thread.

    Of course she had the help of ayahs and bearers on the journeys, but even with such help it was no easy task.

    The ayahs were running about under unusual excitement, and the ladies were making the final arrangements in their palankeens.

    One of the ayahs staggered sleepily into the room, yawning: "Doctor Sahib come."

    Babies are carried out of doors by their ayahs, but children of three or four are taken out by the bearers.

    When we awoke we found all the servants had deserted excepting my Kitmagar and Mrs. Bβ€”β€”'s, and one or two Ayahs.

    She is less than no good, and I depend on you and the ayahs, remember.'

    The mothers were unable to attend to their children, most of whom were infants, and the ayahs suffered horribly.

    One of the ayahs staggered sleepily into the room, yawning: 'Doctor Sahib come.'

    Ayahs and tailors come to offer their services, and bric--brac vendors are always pushing their way into the sitting-room.

Word Origin & History of - ayahs

    Word Origin & History of ayahs

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