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The Synonym of - aye (adverb)

Word Example of - aye

    Example Sentences for aye

    Aye, so it has, agreed Mrs. Parry Wynn, intelligent an—an—lively.

    Aye; such a gathering as one may have in these sad days, my children.

    Aye, sister, both of us--come and persuade this foolish Wulfric.

    As many as favor the motion make it known by saying "aye" (ayes respond).

    Aye, but if you come as a Mar-joy I will show you the way out, my word for that!

    I aye said it of ye from thon night when you throttled the dragoon.

    Aye; fancy having to wait for a single moment, with the fire crackling under the broiling deck, and tons of powder under hatches.

    "Aye, he'll be teaching other boys just as the Padre teaches us," said Cesare.

    "Aye, it's an uncanny place," said her husband, looking round with an expression almost of fear in his bold grey eyes.

    Aye, Adonis have I kissed in the oakwood, and bewailed his loss.

Word Origin & History of - aye

    Word Origin & History

    aye "assent," 1570s, perhaps a variant of I, meaning "I assent;" or an alt. of M.E. yai "yes," or from aye (2) "always, ever."