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Word Example of - azoic

    Example Sentences for azoic

    There are traces of periods of superabundant ice and snow, of “Glacial Ages,” that is, even in the Azoic period.

    The oldest lands of North America were built up, as in Europe, of azoic rocks, and were grouped chiefly in the north.

    Thus the azoic group is crystalliferous, or crystal-bearing.

    Distinct fossils have not been found, all that ever existed in the azoic rocks having been obliterated.

    The earliest rocks in the record are called by geologists the Azoic rocks, because they show no traces of life.

    Geologists have divided a few years of the worlds history into periods, reaching from the azoic rocks to the soil of our time.

    That land belongs to the Azoic period, and contains no trace of life.

    The tertiary formation is followed by an azoic formation of gneiss, mica slate, and phylada with large intrusions of granite.

    In the European ocean of the Azoic epoch we find five islands of considerable size.

    Now, most of these Canadian rivers are Azoic in character; hence their grim and formidable beauty.

Word Origin & History of - azoic

    Word Origin & History of azoic

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