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The Synonym of - azure (noun)

Word Example of - azure

    Example Sentences for azure

    Slowly he related his story while his mother bent over her needle, spangling with brilliants a gauze of azure hue.

    Moreover too, Fish-semblances, of green and azure hue, Ready to snort their streams.

    Bassingbourne bore “Gironny of gold and azure of twelve pieces.”

    No azure field, no streak of green, No shadow, and no breath!

    Toward the north, a mountain--Oveis-Karaine--is defined like an immense cloud upon the azure sky.

    The calm, azure pool was alluring with its promise of coolness and rest.

    How silvery the tiny houses of the hamlet looked against the azure of the sky!

    Painting no Pictures more for us, but only the everlasting Azure itself?

    The color of this mineral substance (its distinguishing character) is an azure copper blue of more or less intensity.

    Then it was that the Shield, Azure, a garb or, was adopted as the arms of Grosvenor.

Word Origin & History of - azure

    Word Origin & History of azure

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