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The Synonym of - baa (noun)

Word Example of - baa

    Example Sentences for baa

    When he called "Nanny" it answered him instantly with a plaintive "Baa!"

    So they treat you like a fool, and you put up with it and baa after them!

    "Baa," said the sheep, as if beginning to think that somebody ought to answer all that calling.

    The meaning and the form of poetry is to him as intelligent as the baa of a sheep is to you.

    He was the baby, and they called him that because "Baa" was the first thing he ever said.

    About Baa, Puzzole, and Naples, we have an opportunity of remarking the truth of these last words.

    The long a, formerly aa in baa, but now ei in vein, was never shortened.

    The Mayo river 'baa todos los pueblos de indgenas llamados los Mayos.'

    I would like to baa at him again, but I dare not with all these foreign folk.

    If anybody said baa in his ear he leaped to one side, expecting the baa to turn into a woof!

Word Origin & History of - baa

    Word Origin & History

    baa imitative sound of a sheep, attested from 1580s, but probably older as baa is recorded before this a name for a child's toy sheep.

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