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The Synonym of - baas (noun)

Word Example of - baas

    Example Sentences for baas

    No, baas, better dan shoot, we make him bed—den wait see um lie down.

    “Jack say Baas Joe go die,” she cried, clapping her legs with her hands.

    Some already had them in hand, but delayed opening fire, a word from baas Rynwald restraining them.

    Yaas, baas Hendrik,” answered Swartboy; “what you want to know first?

    Many Boers yesterday, many Boers other day, many Boers come in morning with baas.

    "Keep your money and the portrait both, Baas Cogez," he said, simply.

    "The second heap of stones has done this, baas," said Hans faintly, and this time I did not even look him.

    Nevertheless, they did it, for they desired to please Baas Cogez.

    Baas, when shall we start after that hoard of dead ivory, and which way will you go?

    It never opened, Baas; moreover, since this talk began I have been to look at it.

Word Origin & History of - baas

    Word Origin & History

    baa imitative sound of a sheep, attested from 1580s, but probably older as baa is recorded before this a name for a child's toy sheep.

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