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Word Example of - babbling

    Example Sentences for babbling

    In a few years—if I let myself live to it—I shall be a babbling maniac.

    While Halfman had been babbling, Evander had again been busy with his staff.

    She is a wild-eyed jade, no doubt, with disordered locks and a babbling tongue.

    Mouthfuls of food reduced her babbling shriek to a burr-burr.

    "The babbling of a race in its infancy," it is said by the pandits of the Western world.

    Here I am babbling these silly nothings when I have some real news up my sleeve.

    The rest of the Picts were in a panic, babbling among themselves.

    And so bring Monsieur to know that I am a babbling old woman like thyself?

    Skip across this little temporary bridge over this babbling brook and now—climb!

    Her eyes were alight, and she was babbling away to her aunt.

Word Origin & History of - babbling

    Word Origin & History

    babble early 13c., babeln "to prattle," akin to other Western European words for stammering and prattling (cf. Swedish babbla, O.Fr. babillier) attested from the same era, some of which probably were borrowed from others, but etymologists cannot now determine which were original. Probably imitative of baby-talk, in any case (cf. L. babulus "babbler," Gk. barbaros "non-Greek-speaking"). "No direct connexion with Babel can be traced; though association with that may have affected the senses" [OED]. Meaning "to repeat oneself incoherently, speak foolishly" is attested from early 15c.

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