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The Synonym of - baboon (noun)

Word Example of - baboon

    Example Sentences for baboon

    He displays much skill and a great degree of caution in playing these pranks upon the baboon when at close170 range.

    Occasionally a man would slip, or be pulled over in the grip of a baboon.

    If some species of baboon had taken to the hunting-life, there might have been very interesting results.

    "Go to the devil, and take your baboon with you," cursed the new arrival.

    After all, it was the baboon that suffered most, if his yells were any index to his feelings.

    He showed his great teeth and grinned and growled, as a baboon in a rage is apt to do.

    But loping easily along as his ancestors might have pursued a baboon or antelope, Shir K'han overtook the screaming human.

    The baboon took the former but neglected the latter altogether.

    Baboon then said it was all square and honest as far as he could see into the case.

    “I was sorry about that baboon,” Pant went on after a moment.

Word Origin & History of - baboon

    Word Origin & History

    baboon type of ape, c.1400, babewyn, earlier "a grotesque figure used in architecture or decoration" (early 14c.), from Fr. babouin "baboon," from O.Fr. baboin "ape," earlier "simpleton, dimwit, fool" (13c.), also "gaping figure (such as a gargoyle)," so probably from O.Fr. baboue "grimacing;" or perhaps it is imitative of the ape's babbling speech-like cries. Ger. Pavian "baboon" is from Du. baviaan, from M.Du. baubijn, a borrowing of the O.Fr. word.