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The Synonym of - babushka (noun)

Word Example of - babushka

    Example Sentences for babushka

    “Take me back, Babushka,” I could hear his shaken voice imploring.

    She moved closer to the old woman, and said affably: "Babushka Stepanida, there is something I have been wanting to ask you."

    Alexandra Ivanovna shuddered, and asked: "Babushka, at whom are you cawing?"

    There sat the babushka Stepanida, a black figure in her black shawl, gaunt and shrivelled.

    “I will pay you for it, babushka,” he said to the old woman.

    Ask the babushka's forgiveness,” he said, “and don't you ever do it again; I saw you take the apple.

    She's called Matushkin, because my babushka is no babushka to her, but is her matushka.

Word Origin & History of - babushka

    Word Origin & History

    babushka type of head covering for women, 1938, from Rus. babushka "grandmother."