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Word Example of - babyish

    Example Sentences for babyish

    Her eyes are lovely; so babyish, yet so full of latent coquetry.

    I didn't quite like her asking that: it made me seem so babyish.

    This state of things is childish—simply childish; or perhaps I ought to say babyish.

    She could not bear it to be thought that she was babyish or "silly."

    He was so tickled by her babyish remorse that he made her say it again.

    I do not know why a velvet cap was despised, but it was; a cap with a tassel was babyish.

    To stand on the words of the Regent—“every day”—would be a babyish quibble.

    Lady Helen says you are the most babyish creature she has ever come across in her life.

    White dimity with green ribbons; a yard or more of red-gold hair; babyish face.

    He kept trying to get her to come in, and she pretended to be babyish and wouldnt.

Word Origin & History of - babyish

    Word Origin & History

    baby late 14c., babi, dim. of baban (see babe). The verb meaning "to treat like a baby" is from 1742. As a term of endearment for one's lover it is attested perhaps as early as 1839, certainly by 1901; its popularity perhaps boosted by baby vamp "a popular girl," student slang from c.1922. Baby blues for "blue eyes" recorded by 1944 (the phrase also was used for "postpartum depression" 1950s-60s). To empty the baby out with the bath (water) is first recorded 1909 in G.B. Shaw (cf. Ger. das Kind mit dem Bade ausschütten).

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