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Word Example of - baccalaureate

    Example Sentences for baccalaureate

    A dozen had taken the Baccalaureate, and were proudly repeating the pirouettes and spread-eagles of that degree.

    The president preached the Baccalaureate sermon from Gen. 5:24.

    The baccalaureate, licentiateship, and mastership formed three distinct degrees.

    In his baccalaureate sermon the president of Yale offered the graduates some advice which at least they should find stimulating.

    The Baccalaureate sermon, delivered by Professor Francis, was very appropriate and touching.

    Most of the students had never seen a single patient before they reached the honors of the baccalaureate.

    Nothing has shown more clearly the intellectual barrenness of the pulpit than baccalaureate sermons lately delivered.

    To this was added, that he was seeking the degree following the Baccalaureate, that of Master of Arts.

    After securing her baccalaureate and licentiate in Paris, she applied for admission as a student to the Paris observatory.

    I got my baccalaureate from French Government in 1941—first part.

Word Origin & History of - baccalaureate

    Word Origin & History

    baccalaureate 1620s, "university degree of a bachelor," from M.L. baccalaureus "student with the first degree," altered by a play on words with bacca lauri "laurel berry" (laurels being awarded for academic success). The M.L. word perhaps ultimately is derived from L. baculum "staff" (see bacillus), which the young student might carry, but it is more likely just a re-Latinization of bachelor (q.v.) in its academic sense. In modern U.S. usage, the word usually is short for baccalaureate-sermon (1864), a religious farewell address to the graduating class.

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