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The Synonym of - bacchantes (noun)

Word Example of - bacchantes

    Example Sentences for bacchantes

    The night had been stirred by the hum of harps and the cries of bacchantes bearing the tutelary god to the Romans.

    Here instead of satyrs and bacchantes we find gods and heroes.

    The bacchantes screamed in heaven-piercing voices, and began to hide in the chariots.

    Bacchantes (ba-kan'tez), priestesses of Bacchus, the god of wine.

    Another depicts the death of Orpheus, killed by the Bacchantes.

    In these Bacchantes, religious fervor was transformed into the wildest delirium.

    The jealous Bacchantes danced round Bacchus, and embraced him.

    The Bacchantes, his ordinary priestesses, bore also in their hands the thyrsis.

    Between acanthus leaves and flowers In the white marble gaily went Loves and bacchantes all the hours, Dancing about the monument.

    The Alcestis and the Bacchantes are, in this paper, approached with the idea that they are plays.

Word Origin & History of - bacchantes

    Word Origin & History of bacchantes

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