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The Synonym of - bachelor (noun)

Word Example of - bachelor

    Example Sentences for bachelor

    If I am to remain a bachelor and you a maiden lady, why, the will of heaven be done!

    I have sat at his table, when he was a bachelor, and listened to him by the hour with enjoyment.

    Am I to improvise a wife, in my own house, because a stray girl may object to visiting a bachelor?

    Besides, you must remember that Monsieur Dominique is a bachelor.

    Miss Long seemed more engrossed in looking round Mr. Dampier's bachelor sitting-room.

    Why, damme,' says he, 'they uplift the soul of a bachelor man like me!

    Besides, if he had been a bachelor, Whitney was too busy trying to round up the other loose ends of the Ewald case.

    Or it may have been some bachelor or widower who had come a-wooing.

    Here, too (for this is a sort of bachelor nook), is the grave of a man whom we unconsciously thrust into a permanent masquerade.

    He then entered Oxford, and in due time took his bachelor's and master's degrees.

Word Origin & History of - bachelor

    Word Origin & History

    bachelor c.1300, "youthful knight, novice in arms," from O.Fr. bacheler (11c.) "knight bachelor," a young squire in training for knighthood, probably from M.L. baccalarius "vassal farmer," one who helps or tends a baccalaria "section of land." Or from L. baculum "a stick," since the squire would practice with a staff, not a sword. Meaning evolved 14c. from "knight in training" to "junior member of a guild or university" to "unmarried man" (late 14c.), an evolution that paralleled the word's development in French. Bachelor party is first recorded 1922.

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