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The Synonym of - bacilli (noun)

Word Example of - bacilli

    Example Sentences for bacilli

    It was found that the bacilli steadily declined in virulence as the length of time they were kept in the emulsion was prolonged.

    Even a temperature of 70° C. is able to lessen the efficacy of the bacilli.

    In all such cases the morbid liquids of the swellings teem with bacilli.

    If the bacilli are aggregated into clumps, positive reaction.

    Strange as it may seem, the deadliest enemies of the soldier are not bullets but bacilli, and sewage is mightier than the sword.

    The bacilli may lodge on toys or other articles from which the child gets them.

    The blood during life communicated the same disease to other mice, and bacilli were always present in large numbers.

    They are animals; bacteria, bacilli, micrococci, and all their tribe are vegetables.

    The action of the bacilli upon the blood differs materially from that of the round bacteria.

    But there are influences, as there are bacilli, which unconsciously we absorb.

Word Origin & History of - bacilli

    Word Origin & History

    bacilli pl. of bacillus (q.v.).