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Word Example of - back-and-forth

    Example Sentences for back

    No doubt; still I should be better pleased if they were back home.

    Just when you get where their politeness has smoothed you down, look out for a knife in your back.

    "I'll do nothing of the sort," said Travail, starting to back away.

    It will be a pitiful journey to take Sara back to his father.

    He was many miles from his post of duty, and now his sole idea was to get back to it.

    And, oh, how I will pay you back, how I will twist you and tear you!

    I'm willin'; but I'm not goin' around by the back door to miss that feller.

    In closing, she looked forward to seeing him back at Woodbridge when the war was over.

    If I'd broken my broom over her back I wouldn't a cared so much.

    Matilda drew up her head and flattened her back, and then asked her grandmamma how she did.

Word Origin & History of - back-and-forth

    Word Origin & History

    back O.E. bæc "back, backwards, behind," from P.Gmc. *bakam (cf. O.S., M.Du. bak, O.Fris. bek), with no known connections outside Germanic. The cognates mostly have been ousted in this sense in other modern Gmc. languages by words akin to Modern English ridge (cf. Dan. ryg, Ger. Rücken). Many I.E. languages show signs of once having distinguished the horizontal back of an animal (or a mountain range) from the upright back of a human. In other cases, a modern word for "back" may come from a word related to "spine" (It. schiena, Rus. spina) or "shoulder, shoulder blade" (Sp. espalda, Pol.