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Word Example of - back-door

    Example Sentences for back-door

    There was a great root of it round by the back-door here; 'twas dretful sweet, and she had to set it over, Miss Bute said.

    He made a bad start, so far as Robina was concerned, by coming in at the back-door.

    Your boy is come in just now, and called for the key of the back-door.

    One day Dottie stood with Katie by the back-door blowing bubbles.

    But possibly God in His mercy may let them slip in by a back-door to heaven!

    Fig. 35, is the plan of a building for back-door accommodations.

    The pledge having been given, Betty, the offending boots discarded, fled to her own room by way of the back-door.

    He was in his shirt-sleeves too, and his coat and hat hung behind the back-door.

    Dear Ladies, is there no back-door for me to get out at while you hold him in talk?

    The back-door was locked and the key gone, but the front-door was only bolted inside.

Word Origin & History of - back-door

    Word Origin & History

    backdoor "devious, shady, illegal," 1640s, from back + door. The notion is of business done out of public view. The association with sodomy is at least from 19c.; also back-door man "a married woman's lover," black slang, early 20c.