"backdrop Synonyms"

What is a better word for backdrop? What's another word for backdrop? What are 5 "backdrop synonyms"? How can I replace the word backdrop? What is the meaning of backdrop in English?

The Synonym of - backdrop (noun)

Word Example of - backdrop

    Example Sentences for backdrop

    A low line of hills loomed beyond, painted of silver gray against the backdrop of starry sky and the pallor of moon mists.

    He recognized a backdrop he had seen thousands of times behind the announcer who introduced the news-casts.

    The green-sloped, snow-capped Bernardinoes form a backdrop for the desert underneath.

    She was raised for the most-part in Maine, which forms a backdrop to much of her fiction.

    Eyes the size of Navy dirigibles, with pupils of deep cerulean blue, floating against the backdrop of the gray cumulus.

Word Origin & History of - backdrop

    Word Origin & History

    backdrop 1913, in U.S. theatrical argot, from back + drop.