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Word Example of - backslide

    Example Sentences for backslide

    And I did hope that the convert was not tempted to backslide and swerve from the truth in his answers.

    She was only thinking that "it was a heap better to repent 'n to backslide."

    So far as is known the converted enemy to Society did not backslide; the Lone Wolf never prowled again.

    They will no longer be tolerated, nor will converted Israel backslide again.

    Did not I, even I, in thy presence, backslide into intemperance and folly?

    If thou turn us not, we shall never turn; it is in our nature to backslide for ever.

    Having slept in a duchess's bed, Kedzie would not backslide.

    They are backsliders on their knees long before they backslide openly in the eyes of the world.

    It is a thing of very common occurrence, inside the different denominations, for their members to backslide, as they call it.

    Let me mention some of the stone walls that men permit to be broken down when they backslide.

Word Origin & History of - backslide

    Word Origin & History

    backslide in the religious sense, 1580s, from back (adj.) + slide.

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