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Word Example of - backsliding

    Example Sentences for backsliding

    In various ways were they visited for their backsliding and sins, each time repenting and receiving forgiveness.

    We are not, however, to discuss at present the physiology of backsliding.

    She had told much of her converts to total abstinence, and little of their backsliding.

    Well, then, the backsliding was natural, and oughtn't to count against him.

    The dear old creature p. 42was really shocked at our backsliding; but she nursed Tom very tenderly all the same.

    But it was certainly not caution which induced Mr. Stewart's backsliding.

    Make a list of the expressions of tender love for the wayward and backsliding one.

    No doubt there was plentiful vaporing, and cases of backsliding might occur.

    In the sixth place, neglect of prayer is one great cause of backsliding.

    The king, in great agony and despair, bewails the death of his father and his own backsliding.

Word Origin & History of - backsliding

    Word Origin & History

    backslide in the religious sense, 1580s, from back (adj.) + slide.