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Word Example of - bacterium

    Example Sentences for bacterium

    The bacterium becomes constricted, divides, and finally there are two cells instead of one.

    Virus or bacterium, amoeba or fungus—whatever it was, it struck.

    It was in May of 1884 that he was able to announce the discovery of the coma bacillus, that is, the bacterium of cholera.

    At the end of three days there is not a bacterium to be found in it.

    The infectious agent is a bacterium first described by the Danish investigators, Bang and Stribolt.

    The bacterium of splenic fever is called Bacillus Anthracis.

    The simplest case is that in which only one variety of bacterium is present, and a "pure culture" may then be obtained at once.

    Bacterium, The same, termo (Mller), magnified magnified 600 times.

    Pasteur's researches on the Silkworm disease led him to the discovery of Bacterium anthracis, the cause of splenic fever.

    Any carbohydrate in the broth is destroyed by the Bacterium coli.

Word Origin & History of - bacterium

    Word Origin & History

    bacterium c.1848, sing. of see bacteria (q.v.).

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