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What is a better word for badge? What's another word for badge? What are 5 "badge synonyms"? How can I replace the word badge? What is the meaning of badge in English?

Word Example of - badge

    Example Sentences for badge

    Booger flashed his badge at me too fast for me to get a good look at it, but Zit in the front seat gave me a long look at his.

    Will you allow me to furnish a badge for each of the faithful?

    "We won't be held up—not if I show this," said the detective, and exhibited the badge pinned to his vest.

    I am perfectly certain he had something else in his pocket besides a badge.

    Fane pushed past the secretary and went up to the desk, showing Mallin his badge and then serving the papers.

    This inner office was a badge of Masters's superiority not to be endured.

    The badge worn by members of these reformed clubs is a red ribbon.

    "You are mistaken," said Old King Brady, exhibiting his badge.

    The latter is but a badge of fashion, of absolutely no use on the road, and of but little in education.

    For the badge of penury is desire, the badge of wealth contempt.

Word Origin & History of - badge

    Word Origin & History

    badge mid-14c., perhaps from Anglo-Fr. bage or from Anglo-L. bagis, pl. of bagia "emblem," all of unknown origin.