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Word Example of - bag

    Example Sentences for bag

    Hoddan painstakingly fastened his bag to the saddle of the lead horse.

    The men jumped to their feet and Uncle Denny hurried to take her bag.

    To each of those who have been good he gives a present from his bag.

    Silently, he dug into his possessions, to produce a third bag.

    He was out in a boat, and a bag of gunpowder he had with him exploded.

    Without raising his head, he extended the bag to the officer of the guard.

    To this Lincoln, as a lad of sixteen or seventeen, would carry the corn in a bag upon an old flea-bitten gray mare.

    He had brought a bag with him in preparation for the journey.

    Then putting his hand to the side of the lodge where he sat, he brought out a bag which he opened.

    Should anyone in the circle be hit by the bag he takes the place of the center toad.

Word Origin & History of - bag

    Word Origin & History of bag

    We're sorry, our database couldn't found the history of bag. Please check spelling and try again. We'll update soon bag word Origin & History in our database. Thank you for visiting our English to Bengali dictionary.

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