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Word Example of - baggage

    Example Sentences for baggage

    With the Russian official the main thing is the passport, not the baggage.

    His meal over, he saw to his beasts, then had a servant take his baggage to his room.

    Inside of three days out went the Slades from John Temple's tenement, bag and baggage.

    Paul departed bag and baggage, and his sire swore to the empty air.

    He has this morning had all his baggage taken away by a man, who said that he was going immediately to leave the town.

    Good—that will give Rusty time to get aboard with these trays and my baggage.

    A detail was immediately made to go to Utica to bring hither our tents, baggage, and camp equipage.

    Take these, with our baggage, to the steamship Aquitania—Cunard Line.

    Matt goes off by himself, bag and baggage, at midnight, looking like he was locoed.

    I had before appointed a subaltern's guard for the protection of my baggage.

Word Origin & History of - baggage

    Word Origin & History

    baggage mid-15c., from O.Fr. bagage "baggage, (military) equipment" (14c.), from bague "pack, bundle, sack," ultimately from the same Scandinavian source that yielded bag.

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