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The Synonym of - bail-out ()

Word Example of - bail-out

    Example Sentences for bail

    Soon after his return to England he was seized in mistake for another person, and only obtained his liberty on a bail of 1000.

    It required constant exertion on the part of Father Hennepin to bail out the water with a small birch cup, as fast as it ran in.

    I suppose that means I've got to come round and bail them out in the morning, eh?

    It is related to bail and to bailey, a ward in a fortress, as in Old Bailey.

    He believed that the bail was illegal, and he believed also that Sam would stay where he was.

    “We can bail with them,” putting into practice her own advice.

    We plead not guilty,” answered the lawyer, “and I ask that my client be admitted to bail.

    And it finally made sense that the Lodge had sent me to bail him out.

    That rapid passed and with more water to bail, he resumed his share in the manning of the crude craft.

    The ship was half full of water, but they had no more strength to bail.

Word Origin & History of - bail-out

    Word Origin & History

    bail "bond money," late 15c., a sense that developed from that of "temporary release from jail" (mid-15c.), and that from earlier meaning "captivity, custody" (mid-13c.). From O.Fr. baillier "to control, to guard, deliver" (12c.), from L. bajulare "to bear a burden," from bajulus "porter," of unknown origin.

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