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Word Example of - bairn

    Example Sentences for bairn

    Nay, verily, I was a child before; all by-gones are but bairn's play.

    "I don't so very well like the look o' the bairn," she said, surveying him carefully.

    "We've welded America already into the clan, dear bairn," smiled Mrs. Cameron.

    Madam was wantin' a last look at her bairn—eh, she did, poor thing!

    But, May, my bairn, the guid man's sleeping wi' downright fatigue.

    Gie a bairn his will, and a whelp its fill, and nane o' them will e'er do weel.

    Eh, but sic maun be sair affrontit wi' themsels, that disgrace at ance the wife that should hae been and the bairn that shouldna!

    Were you sighing because so many of your years lie behind you, my bairn?

    Yes; this bairn Anne, Mrs. Ross, as you see, has been misbehaving herself.

    Hath he no the smooth face o' a bairn and the thews' o' Behemoth?'

Word Origin & History of - bairn

    Word Origin & History

    bairn "child" (of any age), O.E. bearn "child, son, descendant," probably related to beran ("bear (v.), carry, give birth;" see bear (v.)). Not chiefly Scottish.