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What is a better word for baleful? What's another word for baleful? What are 5 "baleful synonyms"? How can I replace the word baleful? What is the meaning of baleful in English?

Word Example of - baleful

    Example Sentences for baleful

    The boat which has been tethered to the weird, baleful shore is set free, and sails toward the glories of the morning.

    He played with his ax nervously, his baleful gaze darting about the camp.

    If we reject it the vivid colors will grow pale; it will be a baleful meteor, portending tempest and war.

    Of all mortal possessions they are the most useless, mischievous, and baleful.

    It is not its power, but its treachery that is dreadful—the guise of friendship hiding a baleful purpose underneath.

    THEN the baleful fiend its fire belched out, and bright homes burned.

    It was hard to smile at the bright, baleful face with the menace in the eyes.

    Richard paled under the baronet's baleful, half-sneering glance.

    Everyone inherits something from the baleful institution, but not everyone the same.

    This was, of course, Mary Grey, bound upon her baleful errand.

Word Origin & History of - baleful

    Word Origin & History

    baleful O.E. bealu-full, from bealu "harm, injury, ruin, evil, mischief, wickedness, a noxious thing," from P.Gmc. *balwom (cf. O.S. balu, O.Fris. balu "evil," O.H.G. balo "destruction," O.N. bol, Gothic balwjan "to torment"), from PIE base *bheleu- "to beat." During Anglo-Saxon times, in poetic use only (e.g. bealubenn "mortal wound," bealuðonc "evil thought"), and for long it was extinct, but revived by modern romantic poets.