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Word Example of - balk

    Example Sentences for balk

    He could be relied upon to balk every effort my mother might make to find me.

    Grace and Cora almost collided in their attempt to balk Nancy.

    I gathered that the snap indicated relief at my compliance, and that he had been afraid I might balk.

    For the second time that evening he did not balk fate by fearing it.

    Ah, would it not be sweet revenge indeed to balk the King in this venture so dear to his heart!

    When it comes to starving a woman in cold blood, my conscience begins to balk.

    Hadn't the bosses done worse than that, "framing up" a letter from Joe Smith to balk the check-weighman movement?

    It seemed that nothing could balk her ambition in that direction.

    He hid his hate, and planned to save his girl and balk the killer of his people.

    He says that half of it is mine, but he may balk on taking charge.

Word Origin & History of - balk

    Word Origin & History

    balk O.E. balca "ridge, bank," from or influenced by O.N. balkr "ridge of land," especially between two plowed furrows, both from P.Gmc. *balkan-, *belkan- (cf. O.S. balko, Dan. bjelke, O.Fris. balka, O.H.G. balcho, Ger. Balken "beam, rafter"), from PIE *bhelg- "beam, plank" (cf. L. fulcire "to prop up, support," fulcrum "bedpost;" Lith. balziena "cross-bar;" and possibly Gk. phalanx "trunk, log, line of battle"). Modern senses are figurative, either representing the balk as a hindrance or obstruction (e.g., of horses, "to stop short before an obstacle," recorded from late 15c.), or from the verb ...sense of "to miss or omit intentionally" (attested by late 15c.) as a lazy or incompetent plowman would in making balks. Baseball sense is first attested 1845. Related: Balky (1847).

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