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Word Example of - ball

    Example Sentences for ball

    I bought a lot, thinking some one might get hurt at the ball game.

    They told her a beautiful Princess had been at the ball, with whom the Prince was delighted.

    The evening was closed by a ball given by the Prince to the ladies of the town.

    But a soldier must be clad even to sixty rounds of ball cartridge.

    I almost had the ball, but my side hurt me so that I missed it entirely.

    Beyond his quickness and dash, he had the mysterious faculty of staying with the ball.

    I did not want to come to this ball, said Eugnie; it was clearly a presentiment.

    Stanford took a desperate brace and Berkeley lost the ball on downs.

    That's about while I felt the ball through my arm, and my gun had to drop.

    On being caught—which it easily is—it becomes in the hand as round as a ball.

Word Origin & History of - ball

    Word Origin & History of ball

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