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Word Example of - balm

    Example Sentences for balm

    What an unlooked-for flight was this from our shadowy avenue of black-ash and balm of Gilead trees into the infinite!

    And now tell me, have you any balm for such a sorrow as mine?

    She was a creature born to be the succour of misery, the balm of distress.

    And in her certain friendship the balm of peace falls softly on us.

    It was like balm to the soul after all the turmoil and friction with crowds of strangers.

    Here was a plant he had driven ten miles to get for her; here were the mint and balm she loved.

    Sometimes I lose patience with its parade of eternal idleness, but at others this very idleness is balm to one's conscience.

    Work is the balm which heals my wounds, it sets me on my feet again.

    The unbroken quiet of the happy valley which had irritated him at first, grew to be more and more a balm to his wounded spirit.

    No dew of Heaven was ever more refreshing than the balm they bring to my weary soul.

Word Origin & History of - balm

    Word Origin & History

    balm early 13c., basme, from O.Fr. basme (Mod.Fr. baume), from L. balsamum, from Gk. balsamon "balsam," from Heb. basam "spice," related to Aram. busma, Arabic basham "balsam, spice, perfume." Spelling refashioned 15c.-16c. on L. model. Sense of "healing or soothing influence" (1540s) is from aromatic preparations from balsam (see balsam). Biblical Balm of Gilead, however, began with Coverdale; the Heb. word there is tsori, which was rendered in Septuagint and Vulgate as "resin" (Gk. rhetine, L. resina).

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