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The Synonym of - baloney (noun)

Word Example of - baloney

    Example Sentences for baloney

    Sometimes I come close to thinking it's a lot of baloney trying to be any decent kind of Demon, even a good Entertainer.

    But you had been talking to some liar in Dallas who has been feeding you all this baloney about me.

    I am saying—and I am going to stick to my story—that Lee is an agent, then a lot of this is a lot of baloney.

Word Origin & History of - baloney

    Word Origin & History

    baloney slang for "nonsense," 1922, Amer.Eng. (popularized 1930s by N.Y. Gov. Alfred E. Smith), from earlier sense of "idiot" (perhaps influenced by blarney), usually regarded as being from bologna sausage, a type traditionally made from odds and ends.

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