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Word Example of - band

    Example Sentences for band

    Returning to the mountain, the fairies, in a band, went with him to the great rock.

    The ship had been illuminated, and the band played at times on the deck.

    Soon after he took an engagement in the band of the Prince of Donaueschingen.

    A programme had been prepared, the band was present and played my old favorites.

    We who were not leaders of the "Band" wondered what desperate thing we were about to try.

    As for the other eye, it was brushed aside under the band of the hat.

    At the top of this board was a band of ground glass, set off in divisions.

    Music sounded, for just that second Johnnie had ordered a band.

    Love's men and the band of Joaquin, if here, must soon meet.

    The leader of the band became lost in the woods and perished.

Word Origin & History of - band

    Word Origin & History

    band "a flat strip," also "something that binds," a merger of two words, ultimately from the same source. In the sense "that by which someone or something is bound," it is attested from 1126, from O.N. band "thin strip that ties or constrains," from P.Gmc. *bindan (related to Mod.Eng. bend and bind), from PIE *bendh- "to bind" (cf. Goth bandi "that which binds; Skt. bandhah "a tying, bandage," source of bandana; M.Ir. bainna "bracelet"). Most of the fig. senses of this word have passed into bond (q.v.), which originally was a phonetic variant of band. The meaning "a flat strip" (late 14c.) is from ...O.Fr. bande "strip, edge, side," via O.N.Fr. bende, from O.H.G. binda, from P.Gmc. *bindan (see above). In M.E., this was distinguished by the spelling bande, but since the loss of the final -e the words have fully merged. Meaning "broad stripe of color" is from 1470; the electronics sense of "range of frequencies or wavelengths" is from 1922. The O.N.Fr. form was retained in heraldic bend.

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