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Word Example of - bane

    Example Sentences for bane

    But his fiery temper oft proved his bane, and in the end it led him to ruin and death.

    He was skilled in many things, he said, but his temper was hot, and had oftentimes been his bane.

    If they bane twice so big this year, they be full now from the snows and rains.

    Wretched in sooth were they who found a wretched death to the bane of their houses.

    I have ever been of opinion that the policy pursued by England towards this country has been the bane of its happiness.

    The bane of Mozart's fortunes was the patronage on which he was dependent.

    Monopolies and perpetual succession are the bane of republics.

    The blackness upon which the pirates had counted as an advantage had proved their bane.

    Arrogance is their bane; with it they shut heaven's open door in their own faces.

    Thou mayest foreshow the antidote; thou canst not effect the bane.

Word Origin & History of - bane

    Word Origin & History

    bane O.E. bana "killer, slayer, murderer," from P.Gmc. *banon, cognate with *banja- "wound" (cf. O.Fris. bona "murderer," O.H.G. bana "murder," O.E. benn "wound," Goth. banja "stroke, wound"), from PIE base *gwhen- "to strike, kill, wound" (cf. Avestan banta "ill"). Modern sense of "that which causes ruin or woe" is from 1570s.

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