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Word Example of - baneful

    Example Sentences for baneful

    Improvement would come, by a delivery from his baneful habit, and by strengthening his principles.

    She made the trade to Queen Margaret's monopoly, and its baneful effects.

    The baneful effects of the modern code of political morality are not seen in the legislative department of the government only.

    The baneful effects of forcing the voice is clearly set forth.

    Such a judgment is iniquitous, absurd and false in its generality, and baneful in its consequences.

    That man Clarke has some kind of baneful influence over her.

    Had the spirit of his teaching prevailed, India would never have been cursed by this baneful system.

    Among the Hindoos, too, the ascetic ideal acquired a baneful ascendency.

    Certain it is that his theoretical caprices had a baneful influence on Byron's Italian dramas.

    The demon who exercises this baneful influence is the Fong-Choui, or wind and water.

Word Origin & History of - baneful

    Word Origin & History of baneful

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