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Word Example of - bankrupt

    Example Sentences for bankrupt

    The bankrupt gathered courage as he felt the indulgences shown to him, and he got into the coach with his uncle and Ragon.

    When a man sells his independence and the faith of his friends he is bankrupt.

    Therefore, even a bona fide purchaser from a bankrupt will get nothing.

    But she had tried them all—those little tricks—was bankrupt.

    A bankrupt is not a person who breaks the bank, as is popularly supposed.

    It only remains for me to say that I arrived in England broken in health and bankrupt in fortune.

    But you will tax your bourgeois until you make him bankrupt, and that will be your way of having all things in common.

    If you can't accept that, you must make me bankrupt and get about sixpence in the pound.

    Which means that she kept an eating-house or restaurant, and became eventually a bankrupt.

    You may be punctual in that to half a second on the clock, and yet be Bankrupt.

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    Word Origin & History of bankrupt

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