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Word Example of - bankruptcy

    Example Sentences for bankruptcy

    Hence it comes that no newspaper is trusted now, no books are bought, and the booksellers are on the eve of bankruptcy.

    The slaves of an estate in bankruptcy must be sold publicly to the highest bidder.

    From a safe covert he watched the redskins plunge him into bankruptcy.

    It was at the suit of Gayarre the bankruptcy was declared, was it not?

    Men will carry off curiosity with various kinds of laughter and bravado, just as they will carry off drunkenness or bankruptcy.

    Yet this was the dominating principle of English bankruptcy 1861.

    Old stocks become dead stocks, and dead stocks mean dead business and dead men, or bankruptcy.

    The Governor himself, in my opinion, is on the way to bankruptcy now.

    A sound and magnificent speculation threatened to dissolve in the Bankruptcy Court.

    Have we learnt the true discipline of a bankruptcy if we turn to such coinage as this?

Word Origin & History of - bankruptcy

    Word Origin & History

    bankruptcy 1700, from bankrupt, "probably on the analogy of insolvency, but with -t erroneously retained in spelling, instead of being merged in the suffix ...." [OED].

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