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Word Example of - bar

    Example Sentences for bar

    He had no sooner taken his seat than Collins rose at the bar.

    Drinking at the bar were two white men whom Jim recognized as foremen.

    Crumpling them in his hand he walked to the bar and tossed them to the barkeeper.

    "At seven; that will bring us to the bar at about the right time," I replied.

    We cannot afford to put a bar across the 112 difficult road to happiness.

    In an hour and a half by the watch we were in sight of the bar.

    It's the trail of the bar we've bin' huntin' this long while, that's what it is.

    He could not have thought we intended to go down the river and cross the bar in the night.

    Lucy made a movement with her hand to bar further discussion, but she could not say anything.

    "We are bound to the southward, coming down from St. Johns bar," I replied.

Word Origin & History of - bar

    Word Origin & History

    bar late 12c., "stake or rod of iron used to fasten a door or gate," from O.Fr. barre (12c.) "beam, bar, gate, barrier," from V.L. *barra "bar, barrier," which some suggest is from Gaulish *barros "the bushy end" [Gamillscheg], but OED regards this as "discredited" because it "in no way suits the sense." Of soap, by 1833; of candy, by 1906 (the process itself dates to the 1840s). Meaning "bank of sand across a harbor or river mouth" is from 1580s, probably so called because it was an obstruction to navigation. Bar graph is attested from 1925. Bar code first recorded 1963. Behind bars "in prison" attested by 1934, U.S.

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