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Word Example of - barefaced

    Example Sentences for barefaced

    Miss Ophelia was so indignant at the barefaced lie, that she caught the child and shook her.

    The men were barefaced; one said to the other that it was only just past eleven o'clock.

    If you hadnt come to me with that barefaced hoax, I should still be wearing a chain around my ankle.

    Exaggerations the most barefaced were received throughout England.

    I informed them of what had taken place, earnestly expressing my indignation at the conduct of the barefaced quack.

    It seemed to me that she was making sport of me with the most barefaced effrontery.

    I could not quarter my entire family upon her, it was too barefaced.

    I could be robbed by indirection, but this was too open and barefaced to be endured.

    Few people are capable of misrepresenting goodness in the barefaced way of saying one thing while they believe another.

    It was clear that Fred was being cheated in the most barefaced manner.

Word Origin & History of - barefaced

    Word Origin & History

    barefaced 1580s, "with face uncovered or shaven;" see bare + face. Thus, in a bad sense, "shameless" (1670s). Cf. effrontery.

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