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Word Example of - bargain-counter

    Example Sentences for bargain-counter

    The Indians swarmed around by the hundred and looked the bargain-counter over.

    Everything was of the factory, with the odor of the bargain-counter.

    I was tired of being haggled over, like marked-down goods on a bargain-counter.

    Look at our Boston women at a bargain-counter,—you've got a lot of curtains at four dollars a pair.

    Did you ever see a bargain-counter crowd on Twenty-third Street?

    Then I should have to tell her the real reason: I didn't want to marry her or anybody else on such a bargain-counter basis.

    But seriously, we're getting you at a bargain-counter price.

    It was like snatching from a bargain-counter things that you hadn't time to pay for.

    The Court missionary thought that a position could probably be obtained for her as scrum-half at a West End bargain-counter.

    When she saw that Mrs. Cregan was not going to speak, she looked up at the girl with a bargain-counter keenness.

Word Origin & History of - bargain-counter

    Word Origin & History of - bargain-counter

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