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Word Example of - bark

    Example Sentences for bark

    These are more picturesque with the bark left on, but last longer peeled.

    When I waked, I found the captain of the bark sitting in a chair in the state-room.

    The absurd name "dog" having been given on account of its "bark."

    I don't see the use of keeping a dog and having to bark yourself.

    The bark is broken into thick ridges set with warts, separated by deep fissures.

    They have no tails, their bark is on their back; They hunt in couples, never in a pack.

    When the milkman, his private enemy, comes at seven, the bark is quite different.

    The resin is used medicinally as also are the bark and wood.

    The construction was partly of stone and partly of logs, with a roof of bark and a chimney of mud and sticks.

    Bark canoes, light as bubbles, were seen gliding over the still waters, which were there expanded into a beautiful bay.

Word Origin & History of - bark

    Word Origin & History

    bark "tree skin," c.1300, from O.N. borkr "bark," from P.Gmc. *barkuz, which is probably related to birch and Low Ger. borke. The native word was rind.

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