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What is a better word for barrage? What's another word for barrage? What are 5 "barrage synonyms"? How can I replace the word barrage? What is the meaning of barrage in English?

Word Example of - barrage

    Example Sentences for barrage

    In the meantime we got through the barrage all right, though we lost some of our men.

    Meanwhile our entire front was advancing, following the barrage waves.

    Their previous training had been to follow a barrage which moved forward by bounds of a hundred yards.

    If the end were in sight, why this terrific eleventh hour barrage?

    The first two tanks, escaping the barrage, lurched on towards Poelcapelle.

    This barrage was for the purpose of breaking up the morale of the Germans.

    The outlay on the barrage between 1883 and 1891 amounted to about 460,000.

    Our barrage was very accurate and eventually the Huns were silenced.

    The secret of a successful assault is exact synchronization of the movements of the infantry with those of the barrage.

    It was on the brink of the Barrage itself that I spoke to Bailey.

Word Origin & History of - barrage

    Word Origin & History

    barrage 1859, "man-made barrier in a stream," from Fr. barrer "to stop," from barre "bar," from O.Fr. barre (see bar (1)). Artillery sense is 1916, from World War I Fr. phrase tir de barrage "barrier fire" intended to isolate the objective.