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Word Example of - barrier

    Example Sentences for barrier

    He was searching always for some feasible crossing, for his instinct led him always to get over any barrier.

    Before the fire reached us, we had made a barrier which it could not pass.

    I recalled the perplexing fact that as we had driven into the town past the barrier, there had been no one on guard.

    It is the barrier against which all socialism breaks into dust.

    So secured, it would be a barrier in the universal war of religion which he foresaw was soon to break out.

    In vain the preacher sought to break down the barrier of her animosity.

    She had stood no longer behind any barrier—at that touch she had thrown her heart wide open and taken him within.

    I had Lucas pointed out to me, and on the bench, just beside the barrier, I recognised Carmen.

    His severity seemed to him as a barrier which he raised between his human weakness and her evil fascination.

    Here it was proposed to erect a dam, or barrier, right across the Nile.

Word Origin & History of - barrier

    Word Origin & History

    barrier early 14c., from O.Fr. barriere "obstacle, gatekeeper," from barre "bar" (see bar (1)). First record of barrier reef is from 1805.

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