"barrister Synonyms"

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The Synonym of - barrister (noun)

Word Example of - barrister

    Example Sentences for barrister

    On her account a barrister on the Temple Stairs was near to letting fall his bag in the water.

    By profession he was a barrister, with a small and struggling practice.

    You see Christabel Pankhurst has been turned down as a barrister.

    A Barrister is forced to do his best for his client, but a Solicitor is not.

    When the debt appeared to be prim facie proved, the Barrister turned to the defendant, and perhaps asked him if he disputed it?

    Here then is a case of a pupil in a barrister's chambers in Charles II.

    Mr. Wilkins, a barrister, who has been in this country and is a very capital fellow.

    I wish to know whether the barrister's gown does or does not become M. Fouquet.

    The barrister continued after a pause, "How many years did you say it was since you saw me last, Duncan?"

    An Irish barrister has now proved this, we think, beyond dispute.

Word Origin & History of - barrister

    Word Origin & History

    barrister 1540s, "a student of law who has been called to the bar," from bar (3) in the legal sense. Also see attorney.