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The Synonym of - barter (verb)

Word Example of - barter

    Example Sentences for barter

    And up to the completion of the railroad nine-tenths of the business of the Mormon people was conducted on a system of barter.

    And yet—it couldn't be measured in terms of barter and sale—could it?

    Barter did not wish to use any more of his mental energy than was necessary.

    Mr. Barter pressed his lips to her quivering hand, and backed from the room.

    The main articles sought by the savages in barter were knives; as fast as some were supplied they moved off, and others succeeded.

    Cooney and Barter had been warming up, and the latter went in next.

    It seems incredible that this is what a woman will barter for the right to “live her own life”—surely the most empty of desires.

    Sam was bright and shrewd, smart at his books and good at a barter.

    Wilfrid put his treasures between his knees before him, I sat opposite, and the barter began.

    All trade was done by barter, as there was no money then in the land.

Word Origin & History of - barter

    Word Origin & History

    barter mid-15c., from O.Fr. barater "to barter, cheat, deceive, haggle" (also, "to have sexual intercourse"), 12c., of uncertain origin, perhaps from a Celtic language (cf. Ir. brath "treachery"). Connection between "trading" and "cheating" exists in several languages. The noun is first recorded 1590s.

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