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Word Example of - basal

    Example Sentences for basal

    Fig. 71 shows a combination of a hexagonal prism (m) with the basal pinacoid (c).

    This letter stated with full sincerity Lincoln's basal principle.

    (e.) Terminal or basal point, with the prehensile larval antenn, represented on rather too large a scale.

    The basal for the rate of interest is the benefit or the advantage of the loan to the borrower.

    Valves of equal breadth, much depressed, and longitudinally sulcated; the basal extremities approximating.

    Furthermore, morphology is in reality a basal consideration.

    On the basal area are waved black lines, separate on the hind wings, more or less blended on the fore wings.

    Synthlipsis: the basal constriction of the notocephalon in Notonectids.

    These depending crests for the muscles are rather thin, but they extend over half the basal margin of the valve.

    The basal principles of Confucian ethics are the "five relations."

Word Origin & History of - basal

    Word Origin & History

    basal "relating to a base," 1828, from base + -al (1).

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