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Word Example of - base

    Example Sentences for base

    In some of the swamps at the base of the mountain grows Limnorchis leucostachys.

    Her sinking, therefore, deprived John Castellan's craft of their base.

    The road we followed skirted the base of one range of hills.

    It is twenty-five feet wide at the base, and fifteen at the top.

    He could not be so base, my boy,” said his mother, “when he owes you his life.

    It follows that if anything is base and bogus it is always labeled "American."

    Another was that when two players occupied a base, the one was entitled to it who arrived last.

    Slaves were to do "all laborsome toil," "drudging," and "base business."

    In the next division the charges were, in chief a coronet, in base an irradiated cloud.

    If it is base and corrupting to admire wealth, it is insane to admire poverty.

Word Origin & History of - base

    Word Origin & History

    base "bottom, foundation, pedestal," early 14c., from O.Fr. bas "depth" (12c.), from L. basis "foundation," from Gk. basis "step, pedestal," from bainein "to step" (see come). The military sense is from 1860. The chemical sense (1810) was introduced in French 1754 by Fr. chemist Guillaume-François Rouelle (1703-1770). The verb meaning "to place on a foundation" is from 1841.